Locks keep our homes and businesses safe. When locks have issues, we need to fix them. Some problems can be easy to solve, but others need a professional locksmith. Here are five common lock problems and what to do:

Key Breaks in the Lock: Sometimes, keys break inside locks. Don’t try to use the broken piece to open or lock the door more. This can make things worse. If you can see part of the broken key, use needle-nosed pliers to gently pull it out. If it doesn’t come out easily, call a locksmith in Gastonia. They can help without harming the lock.

Stiff Locks: Dirt and dust can get inside locks, making them hard to turn. You can fix this by using graphite spray or silicone-based lubricant. Put the key in, turn it a few times, and the lock should work better. Don’t use oil-based products like WD-40 because they can cause more problems later.

Difficult UPVC Door: If your UPVC door locks easily when open but not when closed, it might be an alignment issue. A locksmith can usually fix this quickly. If the lock has problems when the door is open, it might be faulty, and you might need new parts. Call a locksmith to help.

Hard to Insert Key: First, make sure you’re using the correct key. Also, check if the key is poorly cut, as badly cut keys can be problematic. It’s essential to have keys cut by a reputable locksmith. Try using another key for the lock to see if the issue is with the key or the lock. If it’s the lock, call a locksmith to investigate. You might need a new lock.

These tips can help you with common lock problems, but if you’re unsure or if the problem is severe, it’s best to call a locksmith. They have the skills and tools to fix locks and keep your home or business safe.