Life can get really busy sometimes. With all the running around from home to work, school drop off and pick up, grocery store trips, hanging out with friends, spending time with your special someone, and countless other tasks – things tend to slip away. It just happens. Maybe it’s your debit card or your favorite sunglasses. Perhaps it’s a sweater or a pair of gloves. But one thing that can really throw off your plans – and your day – is losing your car keys.

How can you tackle anything on your to-do list if you can’t drive your car? What if you don’t have a spare key? And what if you’re nowhere near home?

Don’t worry. So, how do you get new car keys if you lose yours? It’s actually easier than you might think.

Different Types of Keys

You hardly see traditional car keys nowadays. Most keys are more advanced, offering extra convenience and security. The cost and process of replacing your key will depend on what type of key you have.

  • Traditional key
  • Key fob with attached key
  • Transponder key
  • Smart key (keyless)

Thankfully, if you lose any of these keys, they can be replaced. You just need to decide who to contact.

Consider Your Options

When you lose your car keys, you have two choices: reach out to your car dealership or call a locksmith. Your decision will depend on your situation and how quickly you need to get back into your car.

It might seem logical to go to the dealership since they sold you the car, right? Well, it could be, but it’ll cost you both time and money. Dealerships are usually pricey when it comes to buying a key. Also, depending on the dealership and your car’s make, they might ask you to tow your car to them. This whole process could take several hours or even days.

How about the other option? Calling locksmith in Temecula almost always gets you a quicker response – in every sense. Plus, it’s generally cheaper than going through the dealership. Locksmiths have the skills and tools needed to handle all types of keys mentioned above – and they can program an electronic chip or key fob. You don’t even have to take your car to them because they can come to you.

Calling the Locksmith

If you’ve chosen the more affordable, faster route, then a locksmith in Temecula should be able to get you back on track in no time. Having a few key pieces of information (pun intended) will help make sure the process goes smoothly.